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This piece is made of brown stoneware, and a sage green glaze. 


Cost includes the pour spout.


Process: The body of the piece is thrown in once piece, and the sides are dimpled in order to create a grip-friendly shape rather than adding a handle. It is then bisque fired, glazed, and fired again to 2300 degrees. 


All pieces are hand-crafted by me, Emily, at a local ceramics studio in Chicago. This is my hobby, and I am looking to share my art with those who appreciate it! I only create functional ceramics, as I believe art should not be excluded from everyday life. If you decide to buy one of my pieces, I hope you appreciate them as much as I do!


Thank you!



Sage Green Olive Oil Cruet

  • All sales are final. 


    Dealing with fragile objects can sometimes be a challenge. I will do my best to package your order in a way that will deliver it safely to you, however, accidents in transit sometimes happen. If your order arrives broken or chipped, please message me directly and I will replace it with an item as close to the original as possible OR refund your order (not including shipping costs). 

  • Care Instructions


    All of my pottery is food safe, microwave safe, oven safe and (if you choose) dishwasher safe. The only pieces for sale that are NOT food safe, microwave safe, or oven safe are the Hair pots.


    If you so choose, you may use a dishwasher to clean your pottery or you may choose to handwash it. Using a dishwasher may cause the glaze to etch, which over time may reduce the visual quality of the piece.


    Note: Although my pottery is oven-safe, please avoid rapid temperature changes when using a piece in conjunction with the oven (i.e. do not parbake a pie crust and then add frozen berries to the hot pie plate/crust). This will ensure the longest life possible for your beautiful purchase.

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