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Ceramic Collection


Past, Present and Future

About Emily - the girl behind City Potter!

Emily has always been drawn to pottery, ever since that first handful of squishy earth was turned into a (rather terrible-looking) pinch pot. Every chance she could, she would hop on the wheel to continue practicing her craft. 

Ultimately this led to an abundance of pottery sitting around in her apartment, and thus, City Potter was born.

Hoping to connect with others through a mutual adoration of ceramics, Emily started an online store so that you can share in this appreciation. 

By day, Emily is a corporate research analyst, but by night, she is a dedicated potter, working to create a community which might, in time, offer the chance to live the dream of working with clay every day.

Have questions? Give us a call, or email us!

Coming Soon!

Pottery videos to give you an in-depth look at the creation of these beautiful pieces!

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